Meet Josh and Aaron, a Big Brother match of nearly 3.5 years!

Big Brother Josh, has been an incredible supporter of our agency for many years and in light of #IAmAMentorDay, Josh took the time to share his experience with his mentee, Aaron and the Big Brothers program. Check out what he has to say…
I waited years and had filled out most of the paperwork two times before I committed to the Big Brothers program. However, by the time I started, I realized how short-sighted I had been. EVERYONE can spare 2-3 hours a week to help a young person out. I am busier than I have ever been, and I still have time to keep up my commitment with Aaron. It is legitimately fun and even after a long day I look forward to our time together!

What I would say to someone who is on the fence? Get up and commit.
I realized how much extra time I do have, and everyone can do this – I never feel rushed or that this is taking away from anything else. As a Big Brother match, you can do low or no cost activities and still have a great time with your Little – they just want to spend time with you. Also, the number of events set up by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley alone would keep you busy! My match allows me to explore places I have never seen or considered before: Museum of Anthropology UBC, Vancouver Art Museum, Polygon Art Museum, Science World, Restaurants all over Langley/Surrey and so many other places!

And finally, the matchmaking capabilities of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley are incredible – Aaron and I are the perfect fit! We get along so well and I can see the impact mentoring has had on Aaron. Over the 3 years, I’ve noticed how much more outgoing he is. He asks me lots of questions, lets me know some of the challenges he faces, tells me all about school and what he’s learning and all about his hobbies. It’s been so nice and I didn’t realize how much I would notice this. I really feel like he appreciates our time together and it’s just as nice for me to know our friendship is appreciated.

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