We routinely meet with our Little Brothers and Sisters to see how their matches are going and make sure they’re getting the most out of their mentoring friendship. Below are some standout quotes from our Littles on what it’s like to be a Little Brother or Sister.

“My Big Brother takes the time out of his day to be with me and he is so amazing. I’m just so happy with him.”

My Big treats me really nice and he is just really fun to be with and to get out of the house every once in a while. I can count on him.”

“We are perfect for each other! She is just like me, and I am just like her.”

“I get excited every time I see him. I feel like I’m a winner.”

“I can tell him anything. We have the same sense of humour and we talk about the same stuff together.”

“My Big makes me feel great, happy, excited, and proud to be me!”

“Being a Little is one of the best experiences ever!”

“If I could change one thing about my match, it would be to have more time together, like a whole day or week together.”

“I had some rough times this year, and my Big made me happier.”

“This program made me feel better, and it filled a part of me that was always missing.”

“I feel comfortable telling my Big things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling other people.”

“I have someone who spends time with me and cares for me.”